Tom Leahy and Diana Leahy

Tom and Diana Leahy, founders of Beacon Tree Foundation

Beacon Tree is an organization started in 2008 by Tom and Diana Leahy, who were motivated by their own struggles to help their three daughters.  They saw their children battle mental and emotional issues, some life threatening. Through it all, they experienced the fear and frustration of trying to understand the illness, navigate the mental health community and find resources to help pay for treatment.

Despite the enormous emotional toll and financial burden, they were successful in saving the lives of their children, who are now young adults and leading productive lives. Many family stories don’t end so well. It is Tom & Diana’s passion to help change those devastating outcomes, to help families diagnose emotional and mental problems in their children at the onset of illness, identify the proper treatment, and provide the resources needed to fund early intervention and on-going therapy and medication.

Today, the foundation is an advocate for families with youth struggling with mental health issues and co-occurring drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

Beacon Tree Mission Statement

Beacon Tree Foundation is dedicated to being an advocate for the family, providing education about treatment and financial resources to help heal children and teens struggling with mental health issues and to provide hope for the future.