17 year old begs to go back to McShin Academy

We rarely get kids themselves making requests. But this child knew he was in trouble and asked to go back to where he had found success previously. 

DJ, age 17. DJ is amazing. He is funny, exceptionally intelligent and loving.

He has built his own computers since 8th grade loves music, plays the trumpet, writes raps, loves his 2 dogs and his family. DJ always roots for the underdog.

DJ suffers from bipolar, Major Depression and the disease of addiction and has attempted to end his life multiple times. His mom, Mary-ellen, wrote to Beacon Tree to seek assistance with paying tuition for DJ to attend McShin Academy, the only recovery high school in Virginia which is on the campus of St. Joseph’s Villa and where he had previously realized success.

He thrived, made positive connections, developed friendships for the first time in his life, worked hard and succeeded at 6 months of sobriety. He was finally working towards a future and managed the ups and downs of his diseases with a tenacity he had rarely showed. He excelled and advanced in his studies. He was the most stable in all areas during this time.

Unfortunately, due to the cost increase, Mary-ellen could not afford the school when it privatized and DJ started to spiral downward when he left the peer-to-peer environment that supported his success before.

With each relapse, he fell lower and lower and he begged his mother to go back to McShin Academy. He needed the continuity of academics and time spent with the recovery community. With this child begging for help, how could we refuse? Thanks to you, we were able to approve this application.

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McShin Academy at St. Joseph’s Villa