Twelve year old with uncontrollable rages wants to be a biochemist one day

Jeffrey is a 12-year-old Caucasian male who lives with his adopted parents along with younger 7-year-old brother who is also adopted. There is some history on the biological mother who smoked and used alcohol and as a result, Jeffrey was born premature with fetal alcohol syndrome.

He has uncontrolled anger outbursts, mood swings, impulsivity, oppositional defiance, irritability, anxiety has destroyed property. He has also had threats of self-harm and parents fear that if behaviors are not addressed that he could harm himself or someone else.

In his rages, he is described as ‘the little hulk’ and when the rage is over he is very remorseful and apologetic stating that once the anger begins, he does not know how to control it or stop it.

Parents are very supportive and want to be able to provide the best care for him. He has trouble making friends and is bullied and picked on by kids at school. He struggles academically and has multiple breakdowns when it is time to do homework and school work.

He has had emotional struggles from a very early age and is in need of more in-depth evaluations to assist in identifying needs, adjusting medication as well as treatment resources to best meet his overall quality of care.

He reported numerous strengths including being smart in science, good at video games, drawing and is musically inclined. He plays the violin, loves to use his hands and is creative with Legos.

He wants to grow up to be a biochemist and work to find cancer cure.

Jeffrey needed a battery of evaluations that cost up to $5,500. Neither Medicaid or insurance would cover the critical evaluations he needed so you helped us meet the critical needs of this family.