Eight year old who wanted to kill himself is getting treatment

Virginia ranks 46 for treating youth mental health with 7 out of 10 children most at risk for dropping out of school, ending up in jail or dying by suicide are not getting the help they need particularly at an early age when interventions are most likely to be successful in changing the course of that child’s life.

If it were not for your support, many children would go without treatment because their families can’t afford the evaluation or the evaluation co-pay. And oftentimes, children need an evaluation to qualify for services in public school. Through our Family Grant program, caseworkers and therapist are able to apply for funding for these children.

Just imagine being the caseworker who would have to turn away an 8 year old who has thoughts of suicide due to an inability to pay.

Sal is 8 years old and in second grade

He is a mixed race child living with his parents in Henrico County and had been threatening to kill himself by jumping from the balcony of his home.

Mr. Vanstory, Sal’s dad, had become increasingly worried about his son’s behavior. So he contacted one of our referring partners to get a psychological evaluation for cognitive functioning, emotional concerns, autism, learning and behavioral deficiencies.

Sal has multiple behavioral issues that need addressing and his psychologist applied to Beacon Tree to help with the $700 co-pay not covered by insurance.

This evaluation will also help Sal get a comprehensive treatment plan and qualify the child for much needed special needs services at school.

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