Our Volunteers talk about the Ride To Stop Suicide Event

Comments from Jayden Metzger

At about 8:30 AM you could hear the rumble of the motorcycle riders starting to arrive at the Ride to Stop Suicide poker run held at Capital Ale house. Many of the riders were part of the Pipe Hitters Union club, however several other motorcycle groups and some solo riders joined in the cause as well. Once the riders were registered many of them participated in one or more of the raffles that were taking place. They then drew their first poker card and headed to their first stop on the route.

The atmosphere at this event was both humbling and motivating. I was blown away by the support for the Beacon Tree Foundation and its mission to help children and teens that are struggling with mental health issues. Many riders wore blue ribbons in support of loved ones that suffered or are currently suffering from mental health issues. Although some of the riders had lost someone very dear to them, it was inspiring to see a community of people come together to raise awareness for something that isn’t talked about enough. Youth mental health is a topic that needs more attention and I am confident this event will be even bigger next year!

Comments from Alex Chaffee

Anne Moss, Sam Chaffee, Alex Chaffee, Lisa Chaffee

It was very heart warming to realize how many people actually cared and had a direct relation to the cause. People I would have never expected to have a relation, had one.

It was nice to see those “big scary bikers” actually caring I think it was a very nice thing to have them come out and show the community that they are not people to fear. We raised a lot of money and had an amazing turn out.













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