Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Speaker

suicide prevention speaker

Mental health and suicide prevention speaker

Richmond, VA-Many of our board members speak to various community groups on the subject of mental health and how our organization is filling the gaps of mental health care for our youth.

Our president, Anne Moss Rogers, regularly delivers presentations on the subjects listed below to help educate the community on resources, suicide prevention and youth mental health. Anne Moss has been on the board since 2010 and lost her son to suicide on June 5, 2015 after many years of struggle.

Anne Moss Rogers is ASIST trained on suicide intervention and prevention. In addition she has taken SAFEtalk training and presents regularly on the subject of suicide prevention.

Subjects include grief, addiction, mental health, suicide prevention and marketing subjects including cause marketing.

Anne Moss is ASIST trained in suicide prevention and intervention.

Topics include:

Turning Tragedy into Hope. Suicide Prevention

  • Target groups: Employees, adults, teens, young adults, counselors and social workers, veterans and active military, LGBTQ, teachers, ministers, youth leaders and youth pastors
  • Organizations: Corporations and employers (e.g. banks, law firms), colleges, boards, places of worship, schools, camps, boards, support groups, military bases
  • Description: This starts with Anne Moss’ story of her son Charles and focuses on red flags and other indications that a child or adult may be struggling. Real life examples from text messages to social media posts are presented to show what people say when they are suicidal and a basic primer of what you should and should not do. Beacon Tree programs are briefly introduced and local suicide hotlines and resources

13 Reasons Why Not. Starting the conversation

  • Target audience: Teens and young adults
  • Organizations: Churches and places of worship, youth groups, schools, camps, YMCA groups, scouting groups
  • Description: The show 13 Reasons Why doesn’t tell the whole story about suicide but it has inspired conversation. This controversial TV series created by Netflix follows the aftermath of teenagers who have lost a classmate to suicide. This is brief presentation about the shows good and bad points followed by questions and discussion with the audience. The truth is, the kids are talking about it. So why don’t we join the conversation and see what they are thinking.

The ASQ Suicide Screening Tool. Are we asking the right questions? 

  • Target audience: Pediatric, family and primary care providers, social workers, mental health providers
  • Organizations: Healthcare-related groups, community and civic groups
  • Description: Beacon Tree’s goal is to implement a train the trainer model to integrate the 4-question ASQ screening tool developed by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) into pediatric, family and primary care practices across the state. This is a presentation that can be given with Anne Moss and Dr. Lisa Horowitz from NIMH or just Anne Moss and Melissa Earley

Talk Saves Lives- Evidence Based

Versions include:

  • All audiences version
  • LGBTQ version
  • Firearm Safety version
  • Target audience: Adults 16 and up, employees, vulnerable populations (armed forces and veterans, LGBTQ), Firearm retailers, police forces and more
  • Organizations: Employers, corporations, places of worship, small businesses, police stations, community and civic groups, firearm retailers, parent groups, support groups
  • Description: This evidence-based presentation from American Foundation of Suicide Prevention helps give people an overview of the statistics, science, signs and the “what to do” for suicide prevention. It’s a basic educational 40-minute presentation with time for 20 minutes of discussion and questions.

We can discuss a topic specific to your group. Just let us know.

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