93-year-old man decides to attend Trees of Hope after Newspaper Article

by Anne Moss Rogers

93 year old guest; board member, Molly Cheek; President, Anne Moss Rogers

A 93-year-old man walked in and registered that night for Trees of Hope, our annual fundraiser, youth concert and awards event. He said he read the article in the newspaper that included details of the event and decided to come. I’m so glad he did.

He happened to be sitting behind me during the program.

After I spoke and sat back down, he said, “That was amazing. I thought I’d been through a lot in my life. Bless you. I bet everybody loves you.” Then he said, “I just want to touch your shoulder.” He said he was 93 and his brother had just died and then I told him I wanted a picture with him in it.

Ninety three and he can still drive and walk! Truly incredible. I could have made a million dollars that night but nothing brought me as much joy as the people that came and supported our cause–including this 93-year-old man who decided to come and show his support after reading an article in the newspaper. Ninety-three and unafraid to step outside his comfort zone.

I wish I had gotten his name! He said it but it was hard to hear.

For many years when I advocated for my son or tried to rally support for this organization, the emotional support was lacking and Beacon Tree struggled for every dollar. We’ve had far more failures than successes but in the last 2 years, this has changed and this event was definitely our biggest success so far. We hammered out train the trainer pilot for

Thanks to all of you who sponsored, donated and bought a ticket.