ASQ Suicide Screening Tool for Physician Practices

asq-2 (1)Beacon Tree Foundation, advocates for youth mental health, is partnering with Dr. Lisa Horowitz of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to implement the 4-question, evidence-based ASQ Suicide Screening tool that has shown to be an effective and reliable suicide risk assessment.

Our goal is to implement this screening into every pediatric, family, and primary care practice in Virginia as an early intervention initiative.logo-nimh

Suicide is the #2 cause of death for 15-35 year olds and current depression screenings, including PHQ-9, miss as many as 39% of those at risk for suicide.

Dr. Ted Abernathy of Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners in Richmond, Virginia has integrated this tool in his practice and identified children at risk for suicide and referred them to care. (Data pending Dr. Horowitz publishing the information.)

To learn more about implementing ASQ, or to schedule a presentation to your group, contact us. Or see where we are presenting next if there is an ASQ presentation already planned in your area of Virginia.

More information:

Examples of handouts:

How much does it cost?

Beacon Tree covers presentation costs through our fundraising. Beacon Tree will also be helping with the consultation piece (also known as a referral for full assessment). Costs related to this will be incurred by our fundraising efforts and/or grant money.

ASQ Suicide Screening Kit includes:

An outline of the components that will be included in the NIMH ASQ Toolkit are as follows. This is public domain meaning NIMH does not charge for the kit.

  1. ASQ instrument: screening tool and instructions on how to administer it
  2. ASQ information sheet: background info about suicide risk in the medical setting and development of the ASQ (*attached here)
  3. Brief Suicide Safety Assessment: (for MDs, NPs, PAs, and SWs) brief assessment for non-acute positive screens; to help decide whether or not patient needs a full psychiatric evaluation and to help pediatricians decide about disposition
  4. Scripts: for nurses to help introduce suicide screening
  5. Training slides: training slide sets for nurses, social workers and physicians
  6. Flyer for parents: for unit clerks and receptionists to hand out in waiting rooms that announce the screening is being conducted
  7. Brochure: information for parents about suicide screening
  8. Video: video of nurse testimonials about administering suicide risk screening (peds and adults)
  9. How to Implement Suicide Risk Screening Guide: for hospital administrators/outpatient offices who are beginning implementation

To learn more about implementing ASQ, or to schedule a presentation to your group, contact us.